Upcoming Event

On the 13th October 2018 at Yuchengco Museum, a major group art exhibition will be held featuring National Artist, Ben Cabrera, Ross Capili, Raul Isidro, Mon Orlina , Rod Samonte (based in USA) and Mon Coloma, Bert Estanislao, Jay Maclean, Alfredo Roces, and Jun Velasco from Australia.

The exhibit theme is “Our Legacy - PHILOKALIA” (ancient greek word meaning, love of the beautiful and good). It will be managed and curated by Magnanimity Inc. in collaboration with International Artists League and Yuchengco Museum and supported by the Australian Embassy.

This is not the first time International Artists League has organized art events. In 1980, International Artists League held an important group exhibition by the top artists of the Philippines at Greenbelt Square, Makati.

Similar exhibition titled “Gathering of Filipino Artists”, was held in 1984 at the Bulwagang Rizal, Sydney, Australia under the auspices of International Artists League and the Philippine Consulate. The successful exhibition opening night was attended by diplomats from different countries, art gallery owners and collectors. These art events continued on and the latest group exhibition titled “Four Songs from Oz” was held at Yuchengco Museum in July 2016.

Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorely remarked about these past art exhibitions, “Enhancing bilateral relations is not the exclusive domain of diplomats and politicians and I acknowledge the very important role that members of the Filipino-Australian community have played in building the ties that bring us together. I congratulate the International Artists League for its efforts to nurture the relationship, and for being cultural ambassadors for our two countries.”

Former Philippine Ambassador to Australia, Belen Anota echoed the same sentiment when she came to view the past exhibition. She was impressed with the exhibition and commented, “I am delightfully moved by the paintings and the messages they depict.”

In collaboration with galleries, museums, art associations and the diplomatic corps, International Artists League will continue undertaking art and cultural exchanges among notable artists from different countries.

Previous Events

The exhibition showcased the art of four multi-awarded artists, featuring contemporary portraiture, assemblage, and works in mixed media.

Coloma concluded a highly-successful one-man show. Similar "Portrait of Success" exhibitions by this artist are being organized to be held in different states of Australia and overseas.