Jay Maclean is an Australian marine biologist who has made the Philippines his home since 1980, and he spends much of his spare time diving among, observing, and painting marine life. He is married to Flor (aka Margie), a Filipina; they have one son, Marlon. Jay is an honorary member of the Angono Artists Association and has exhibited with them at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (1987), the University of the Philippines (1988), and in Angono (1990 and 2017). He has had 4 solo exhibitions: in the Paper Moon restaurant (Makati, Manila) in 1998; an Australian Embassy-sponsored exhibition in Manila and Davao in 1999,and another exhibition and book launching in the Podium in Ortigas (Manila); as well as an exhibition atClub Punta Fuego in 2011. Jay has collectors in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the USA.

His artworks focus almost entirely on marine subjects, especially the coral reefs with which he is most familiar. Earlier works were mainly larger-than-life portraits of marine animals and underwater landscapes. Recent paintings have become more expressive in order to dramatize the beauty and fragility of tropical marine life.

All Jay’s works have the aim of confronting the viewer with the underwater world as something vital that we cannot afford to lose, a message that is becoming more compelling as reefs around the world are threatened by pollution and climate change.

All Puffed Up
Batfish cruising
Blue coral spawning
Ethnic reef 1
Ethnic reef 2
Fish moving over corals
Fish moving over corals 2
Fish on the rocks
Groupers Lair
Hunting by night
Late Afternoon Hunt Talakitok
Blue coral spawning
Mysterious Squirrelfish
The Nemo Effect